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Taillights are working but one bulb doesnt blink when using turn indicator


I got an on-dash warning to check left rear turn light. One of the left tail light doesnt work when using turn indicator, but it works when headlamps are on. I was expecting multiple bulbs in the tail light housing. something like my Audi TT where there is 1 bulb for brake light, 1 bulb for park light, 1 bulb for turn indicator and so on. When I pulled the bulb out of the tail light housing, I was surprised that there are only 2 bulbs on each side. 1 bulb doing everything. Firstly,I assumed that the bulb was busted but when I pulled it of, the bulb was lit. It just doesn't blink. Can anyone help me with this issue?

If the problem is caused by fuse, can anyone tell me the location of the fuse and the number. Thanks.


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