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I'm having serious issues. I just posted this on a different thread, but thought i'd share.

In May of this year I purchased a new 2013 Camaro Convertible (untitled) from my local Chevy dealership. For about 6 weeks, everything was fine. But then I started having random issues with the MyLink Stereo. This included it playing music at double speed from the iPod, attempting to bring up the phone menu (bluetooh or OnStar) randomly (which then mutes the audio) and randomly changing input sources and scrolling through XM channels. I made a service appointment for 7am at the dealership and dropped the car off. After 4pm that day, they finally called me to say they could not duplicate the problem. I found that odd since the problem happens ALL THE TIME on my 2 mile drive to work. So I drove to the dealership and was able to duplicate the issue within minutes. I also took video of this for them. They looked puzzled and asked me to come back the following Friday. (a week later)

That was last Friday.
The dealership has now had my car for 1 full week. The only update they have provided me was "we are attempting to work with GM Technical assistance..." I can also see from my OnStar app that the car has had about 3-5 miles put on it everyday they have had it. So someone is driving my car daily there.

Is this typical? The car only has 3K miles on it. I've had engines and transmissions rebuilt in less time then this.

Why not just swap out the radio and/or radio wiring?

I am not happy with GM.
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