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Originally Posted by Maa107 View Post
this is what i think; it'll be a twin turbo v6 reasons being that if and only if the z28 is built it'll most likely be in 2012 for a '13 MY, and by then all these "green" bills will be passed making it mandatory for this car, or any car for that matter, to pass certain criterias such as a minimum MPG. Heck I'll be surprised if GM is still able to produce a V8 by then, the way things are going.

Note: everything i have just stated is only my theory and no concrete facts, so please do not hold me agianst anything I have just stated ...but also feel free to comment. Thank you for your time.

Did GM just spend 850 million on the next generation V-8

But Officer, I swear its just a vacuum leak.

Those red things? those are smog pumps!

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