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I'm fuming at Discount Tire right now...

Doing this on my iPad from Discount Tire.

My day started ok. I went to the Chevy dealer to get my oil changed. In & out pretty quick. Then I go to the doctor. I had taken off the morning to do these things from work.

I had parked out in an empty area of the parking lot near a nicer BMW a few spots away.

When I get back out to my car, the BMW owner is out there, along with some cops. I am curious, but not concerned. As I get closer to my car, and go around to the passenger side to put my backpack in the front seat, I see that both my right side tires are flat.

Some DOUCHEBAG apparently took a screwdriver and poked the sidewalls of my 2 right tires, and 2 of the BMW's tires.

So, after getting my car transported to my house (to pick up my summer tires I had just taken off), then to discount tire...I am waiting on the insurance agent who's going to be paying for this. Fortunately, a 100 deductible.

Still, I am not really happy that people like this are allowed to breed....
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