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Originally Posted by Steve Dallas View Post
Doing this on my iPad from Discount Tire.

My day started ok. I went to the Chevy dealer to get my oil changed. In & out pretty quick. Then I go to the doctor. I had taken off the morning to do these things from work.

I had parked out in an empty area of the parking lot near a nicer BMW a few spots away.

When I get back out to my car, the BMW owner is out there, along with some cops. I am curious, but not concerned. As I get closer to my car, and go around to the passenger side to put my backpack in the front seat, I see that both my right side tires are flat.

Some DOUCHEBAG apparently took a screwdriver and poked the sidewalls of my 2 right tires, and 2 of the BMW's tires.

So, after getting my car transported to my house (to pick up my summer tires I had just taken off), then to discount tire...I am waiting on the insurance agent who's going to be paying for this. Fortunately, a 100 deductible.

Still, I am not really happy that people like this are allowed to breed....
Damn, I'm sorry to hear all that... Fortunately you had other tires to put on it.. and you're scaring me... I'll be up in your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks, first in Portland, then on through Seattle and up into Canada... I'm hoping nothing like that happens... I may have to sleep in the car...
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