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Originally Posted by theragtopguy View Post
My salesman sent me an e-mail last Thursday asking how I liked my car and I replied telling him about the bubble forming on my dash, the gear shift knob loosening up and last but not least that I was unhappy with my top's appearance.

Well, today, the service manager called me and I discussed it with him along with my angst about having the top replaced because of all the other issues others have had with leakage, etc. and he assured me that they sent one out to a top specialist and it came back perfect. So far, he has been very very good and concerned with making me happy. I told him about my '93 Oldsmobile that I had a canvas top on and how it still looked perfect when I sold it years ago and about this forum and others with the same issues. He listened and said he understood my concern.

Friday morning at 10 AM I have an appointment for them to take a good look at it and we will see what they come up with for me. I also told him if it does need a new top that I know a totally new mechanism was released by GM and I would expect that to be replaced also. I'm sure it will need one because I can see the fabric on each side getting frayed and will eventually turn into a hole.

And so it goes.........
Please let us know how everything goes at your service appointment. They should be able to address all of your concerns. I look forward to your updates.

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