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Originally Posted by Silverlsinva View Post
i dont see how everyone wants backwards compatibility i never really cared for it cause most games are gonna be digital downloads in the near future i can say i d/l half the games i play and when im done playing and getting the most out of them i delete them i think having disc's are cool but when you have 50 plus they take up too much space and most of the time ive never really went back to my collection of games to replay them except for a few games.
My beef with downloads is I bought the game new when it first came out. Why should I have to pay another $30-$40 to purchase a download version to play it when I already own the game. When the PS3 stopped being backwards compatible, there was plans to release a separate optic drive and processor that would plug into the USB port of the PS3 and allow you to play your PS and PS2 game but apparently the idea was scraped. This is one thing I'm looking forward to on the PS4. The plan is to allow you to put all of your old games onto PS Cloud and play them without having to purchase a download version.
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