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Originally Posted by SSEssence View Post
IMO they look like big bulbous land yachts to me
I have heard Mustang owners make the same comment about our cars

My wife wanted a Charger before we got her Camry and my SS but the SRT models are about 10k more than the SS and GT counterparts with same miles and i just refused to get a RT. Dodge cars, Chevy cars and mustangs have a very different personality that appeals to each of their market. Mopars do weight more but offer better gear options to offset the weight and anyone who has raced one from a roll knows that once moving the weight doesnt matter as much. I have a certain love for old mopars and didnt like how they used the same from 4 different body groups on the same chassis base for the new models and its kind of sad how the term wide body now means some fender flares.
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