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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
While some star QB's have those mega contracts, the guys on the line don't make nearly as much. And as much as the best paid QB's make, the owner makes an awful lot more. So I don't agree in this case. Ordinarily I'd tell pro athletes to quit griping, they're getting paid to play a game which they used to be willing to play for free. Cutting their pay just so the owners can boost their revenue? Nope.
I think there are certainly scenarios where player salary has past unrealistic and has moved to the realm of insane... Specifically surrounding the Rookie signings. Teams who don't want to blow 50 million on an unproven prospect (see Raiders and Jamarcus Russel) now have to trade away their high first round picks, all because the salaries of incoming rookies have gotten so out of hand.

PS. The second highest paid position in the league is a Left Tackle...Offensive Lineman.
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