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Originally Posted by Mailman View Post
I am a huge football fan as is my hubby! However, I can't see spending the insane $$$ to go and watch a game. It costs a couple of hundred dollars for a family to watch a game in person at the stadium not to mention water is $6 a bottle.

I have a really difficult time feeling badly for people who make lots of money (admittedly $100,000 is a low salary for a NFL player) for basically playing a game. I also think that the contracts of unproven 'superstars' right out of college is just way out of whack. Why doesn't the league institute a set price for rookies all across the board--this would make everyone's life so much easier. It gives the players time to mature and gives the teams the opportunity that they need for each player who makes the transition to the NFL. I have two words to support my statement: Ryan Leaf. 'nuff said.
I have to agree with most of this.
We don't spend an insane amount to go to a pro football game. The minium wage in the NFL is 300K, but it's all gone tomorrow if you wreck your knee on Sunday. As an admittedly "part" owner in the Packers, we will have a tough time surviving this. Our fan base keeps us alive, there is no billionaire owner to bail us out. And yes, the biggest problem is the astronomical salaries for "superstar" rookies. They need to start at base for the first year, bonuses for performance are OK if limited and then prove yourself.
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