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Originally Posted by 21STCENTURYMUSCLECARS View Post
Here's the specs you requested;
We have done quite a few of these cams on Forced Induction LS3 MN-6 Cars
with excellent results. Awesome drivability with a nice "chop" excellent TQ,
makes peak power @ 6500 RPM

21CMC F3 Camshaft

114 lsa

I have another cam in stock that would work well for the automatic without a converter, let me know if I can help you further.

Best Regards,
John Page

Whew That's a lot of cam. What size drive pulley did you use? The lucky owner of that rig has lots of room to grow if he desires. He can go play with the ZR1's as is. Also, what did you use for cats or did you go catless? Sorry for all the questions. Got it right the first time on my vette. Want to do the same on the wife's Camaro.

I think the cam I'm looking for would be between the LS9 cam and the cam mentioned above. Probably closer to the LS9, but difinately bigger.
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