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Track > 1/4 Mile
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Just noticed this thread, here is my best run from December (bone stock)..

2LT/RS 20' wheels, Automatic

R/T: .179
60': 2.278
330: 6.320
1/8: 9.616
MPH: 75.34
1000: 12.464
1/4: 14.860
MPH: 93.29
Name of the track: Houston Raceway Park
Date of pass: 12/18/09

Ok so this was my first time ever at a track, so obviously there is room to improve. I did three other runs, but the above was my best 1/4 time. I left TC on and had it in drive and not sport, if that makes any difference. Any suggestions to get my 60' better? scrming you said you keep TC on but flash the converter, what do you mean by flash the converter? Also, what RPM's are yall launching at? I've just been going from 0 and flooring it lol.

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