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Originally Posted by Pt_killa View Post
Do you have any pictures of where the oil feed line T's in? Also why are some of you sts guys returning the oil to the pan instead of the stock oil return location? I know the scavenge pump that I bought from turbowerx is powerful enough to return the oil directly into the pan using the oil drain plug. I was going to return into the oil fill but now that you mention that guys are returning directly to the pan I may go the same route if your encountering issues.
I would return the oil into the bottom of the pan. You need to return it above the oil levels. You will have issues otherwise. Now the pump that you bought may be able to do it but in my opinion to force oil threw the plug location and into the bottom of the pan would not be my recommadation. You would be better off letting go into the fill cap like it comes from STS.
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