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Catch Can Testing

Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
Sky, you have not done the test and I endorse the Elite as one of the few that catch nearly fact my endorsment of the few actaully good cans probably sells just as many of the competitors as ours....but there is no assumption. We have been testing cans for the past 9 years and making the data available for you can live in your world thinking your catching as much, but NO can catches all like the RX can. Is a can that catches 90% just as good? Yes in many applications or I would not endorse these others as follows:

Saiku Micchi (just under the RX)
Elite & AMW (both work equally as good and are excellent designs and right up there in the top)

And any thing else is below all of these substantially....and you can test (by you, i mean anyone with any catchcan) to see for themselves.

And even further, when contacted by owners of an Elite or other great can and asked if they should swap out for a RX can, unless it is a turbo or centri application needing a dual valve for constant crankcase evacuation, I always tell them to keep the good can they have (maybe some will chime in here to verify this)....something no others I endorse do in reciprocation.

Anyone is free to choose what they wish, and they way they drain them is a valid reason...but do NOT claim our can does not separate and catch all where no other can does (for under $1000) as that is pure fiction....and enough do these tests I encourage to see first hand....something you just want to argue about.

So I respect your choice...its a free world, and the cans I endorse are excellent no matter if it cost me sales to do so...I don't BS and go by assumptions or bashing just to bash...I give actual data and how to verify it.

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