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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
We are going to get a lot more after the weekend when people have a chance to get into their dealers. Mine is going in on Monday...and just wait till you hear who I'm ordering it from...

And, pretty cool that GM opened the doors, huh? I'd bet...out of all the orders placed, 80% have probably been SS's. Kind of nice for GM to do this for us enthusiasts.....who else knows about the ordering but us enthusiasts!?!?!
I wonder what kind of effect this will have for the rest of the years production. I would imagine that 80% will be V6's after they get our cars done.

To quote page 12 in the Workbook:


Core Camaro Enthusiasts will be the target for the
SS model. These customers are very loyal to Camaro,
love the Chevy brand and the heritage associated with
Camaro. They will seek out Camaro. "

They sure as heck got that one right.....
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