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Originally Posted by steel insane View Post
Twin turbo V6 is rumored to be making 380 HP!

Now that a bolt on I want...
Originally Posted by oklapike View Post
Considering the LFX (which I'm guessing is what the LF3 will be based on) makes between 300-323 hp (depending on application), I should hope the LF3 makes significantly more than 380 hp.
I'm a little late to the game here so this may have already been said, but if you look at Fords Ecoboost V6, its really only making 365HP and 350TQ, but with a tune those numbers jump by 100 to 150.

We know enough about FI in the LFX to know it is capable of those numbers without a doubt. But I do agree, that with the NA V6 already making 323, 380 doesn't sound like much for a TTV6....just have to remember there is A LOT more untapped potential there (and a very strong flat TQ curve!)
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