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Originally Posted by 1MP3RIALCAMARO View Post
Went to pass someone on the highway, down shifted to third and hit the gas.. instant loss of power for about a second or so and then it was like the car came to life... anybody with this issue out there? 2010 2SS with 13K miles. only modification is magnaflow axle back exhaust. nothing else.
Yesterday was the real first time I was able to open my new 2SS up in the week I've had it now. I was doing about 50mph on a straight away and punched the accelerator (mines an automatic). It instantly felt like the engine cut out then came back the same as you described. It freaked me out so I tried it again with the same event, however when it did the same thing I noticed "traction control" flashed on my HUD for a brief second. Safety first I guess
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