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Originally Posted by scajc View Post
Anyone else having trouble taking out their key on their 2010 Camaro? We bought it two weeks ago Friday...a 1LT. About two days after we bought it we were just sitting in it admiring it...then as we tried to turn off the car, the key wouldn't turn all the way off and we couldn't take it out. After moving and wiggling for about 15 minutes, it finally came out. It didn't do it again for a couple of days. Now, every time I drive it, I have to wiggle the wheel, move it up and down---it is a 1 to five minute process every time I drive the car. I am calling the dealership Tuesday. I was just wondering if anyone else is having any trouble with this or know what is wrong with it.

Other than that...absolutely LOVE IT!!!! But, the key thing is getting VERY annoying.
Had this problem with a 2001 Grand Prix GT- needed a new shifter (auto trans)- bad BTSI solenoid.
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