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Originally Posted by AZCamaroFan View Post
Of course the 4thgen Camaro and Firebird were selling about 75,000 combined, and that was after 5+ years into it's life, and a not totally popular styling. So it's not a huge jump to where the current car is. The interesting thing is if you combine Camaro, mustang and challenger sales, they're about where the mustang was by itself in 2005. So the market hasn't expanded. It's a really competitive market that has to be fought over. Fortunately the Camaro is simply the best looking car of the three.
All good points being made. I get tired of hearing every month, excuses why the Camaro won "that" month...getting old. They have basically outsold since released, and yes, it has surprised me (because of historic data). It is never mentioned the fact that Mustang is definitely the entrenched dog, with a following ump-teen times larger than Camaro's, and that is worth huge volumes of their car sales...but yet they are still being outsold and had to drop a production shift; and not only are more neutral buyers choosing Camaro's but obviously with Mustang sales drastically down, tsome of heir buyers have switched as well.
We sold our Mustang vert and got a Camaro fiancee every now and then reminds me how glad she is I made the switch for her; she absolutely loves the car. She just laughs at all the times with drive thru attendants, gas stations, stop lights, etc, people comment on our car...she says that hardly ever happened with her Stang. As mentioned, it really isn't even debateable how much better looking the Camaro is...general, unbiased street comments prove it.
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