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The sales of the 2005 Mustang were huge, there were 166,000 sold in the US alone and another 160,000 sold in 2006. It was originally projected that the Camaro would sell 150,000 in its first year but went on to sell about 60,000. The best case scenario for GM would be that the current sales trend continues and GM would not be forced to redesign the Camaro until 2016 for a MY17 Camaro. That would give the 5th Gen a solid 7 year production run and R&D would definitely be paid off and additional profits could be used for the 6th Gen as well. Reality though, will see the sales begin to dip during this year. 10,000 units is good for the current situation and the convertible was responsible for that and incentives will pick up very soon to help mitigate that natural sales dip. The Mustang's sales have actually doubled since the Camaro came out in 2009. I'm not sure if it is just the interest in the market or the new engine or what. There are $2000 factory incentives on 2012's, but that isn't really that much. The fact that I can get a 2012 Premium GT with 3.73's, Brembo's and 401a leather for $33,000 is very attractive... If I didn't own a 2011, I would be buying a 2012...

Whether or not GM decides to take the Camaro out to 2017 will depend on the sales boom the 2014 Mustang creates. If the 2014 Mustang is leaving the lots on a 4 to 1 ratio and is running circles around the 2014 Camaro, it will entice GM to push the 6th Gen out sooner. If GM can wait... they should.. Then there is the 2013 Mustang refresh... I believe that the 2013 model year will be a long one, 16 months in fact, so a minor refresh will help... Ford's profits on the Mustang are high, so high that they can pull a crazy stunt like this just for bragging rights...
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