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Originally Posted by jlwdvm View Post
There is a GM bulletin that states that the use of a fluid with a boiling point over 446 should be flushed out after track use. Could I just bleed the slave somehow and keep the high temp fluid in the calipers? Suck the master down and fill with DOT 3, pump clutch repeatedly, repeat a few times to get the new fluid into the slave? Fluid recommendations?
That won't work. Needs to be a full flush.

Motul RBF660 FTW

regardless of anything in there currently or any high spec racing fluid you put in, you should do a full flush of brake and clutch fluid once a year MINIMUM. Both Dot 3 and Dot 4 absorb water from vapour in the atmosphere. Once the water is in the fluid, the oxygen comes out as gas bubbles under temperature 1) lowering the overall boiling point 2) the gas bubbles are compressible ruining pedal feel and reducing slave cylinder travel/caliper piston travel for a given pedal travel.

Another reason never to fill with fluid from bottles on the shelf that have had the seal broken, however expensive and un-used the fluid was!

Still not betting against the clutch pressure plate requiring adjustment in your case though. A fluid flush is much easier to try first than pulling the transmission though.... Good luck, keep us updated
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