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Prediction: Reviewers will spec the ZL1 close to the GT500 but not "better" than

What I've found with most cars is that the inhouse manufacture testers will "know" how to drive their own cars and be able to get performance numbers that will not be repeated when reviewers do their own testing. For example, most reviewers have not been able to achieve the claimed 3.9s 0-60 time that GM boasts for the CTS-V (eg. - notice they only got 3.9s with 1foot of rollout - a fact omitted by most reports that used the GM numbers)

For example, the Ford testers were able to lap the 2011 GT500 around VIR at 2m:58s - faster than the V10 Audi R8 and Porsche GT3, but the Car and Driver folks were only able to get 3m:04s. Based on the Mustang 5.0 times, I'm guessing that that day was a "slow" day because the 5.0 should track the same time as the M3 based on the Motortrend testing.

Onto the Camaro, the creators claim that the ZL1 will spank the GT500 but I suspect that when other non-Camaro focused testers drive the ZL1 that their comparison numbers will be significantly worse than the GM tester's numbers. I suspect that the ZL1 and GT500 will be roughly equal and beat each other in different aspects.
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