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Originally Posted by quick89 View Post
Glad to see this thread finally come up!
just in case you guys dont know who i am this is Cody Smith that Kyle is talking about
i am no longer at xtreme and have not been there since August of 2010 glad to not be there any more allot of stuff happened that i did not agree with and took allot of crap i had nothing to do with.
Kyle is a awesome guy and im glad to stay a great friend, the car turned out amazing man next time your in DFW let me know gotta go for a ride. Also if any of you guys have questions please feel free to pm me, anyone that has met me and talked to me knows that i am a honest up front tell it how it is guy i dont beat around the bush or rip people off
I don't want my name to be associated with xhp and the bad rap that they have because i had nothing to do with the bad rep that they have, i have always been honest and up front with everyone i dealt with and will do that the rest of my life even if that costs me my job, in the end what goes around comes around and i am a strong believer in this. i have been screwed over in the past and i know how it feels, everyone i ever dealt with while working there i treated them the same way i would be expected to be treated.
sorry about the rant guys i just want to make sure everyone knows that i had nothing to do with what had been going on there i did not agree with what was going on and in the end cost me my job but hey i move on and i am doing better now than i would have ever been there
if you guys need anything or have any questions for me please ask them
Cody Smith
A good endorsement from Kyle is enough for me...Welcome to the insanity...
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