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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Good afternoon, Camaro Comrades!

Camaro5Fest is fast approaching - and I wanted to share a bit about GM's involvement with this great gathering!

This will be the perfect opportunity to meet Todd Christensen - our newest Marketing Manager for Camaro (and Corvette and SS Sedan) -- you'll get to say hello to:

>>Al Oppenheiser - Chief Engineer of Camaro ...and Leader of the Pack!;

>> Cheryl Pilcher (Product Manager- Camaro/SS Sedan)

>>Jim Kalahar, Camaro Program Manager;

>>our newest edition to the team: Ann Briedis -- Camaro Brand Quality Manager;

>>Mark Dickens - Director of Chevrolet Performance;

>>John Fitzpatrick -- our former Marketing Manager - and now Silverado Guru;

>>John Cox, Steve Johnson, and Susan Parent of Chevrolet Performance and Accessories;

>>Lerick Chissus, Camaro Program Manager;

>>and Adam Barry- Assistant Design Manager......

Featured cars include the Spring Edition Camaro, the Mighty ZL1, the Magenta Camaro, some GM Accessorized Camaros -- the SS Sedan and Stingray coupe................

oh yes............and a few fine examples of the LEGENDARY Z/28 including Al's personal Z/28 CTF

......and most spectacular:

The 2014 Indy 500 Pace Car Z/28!

Camaro5Fest is the one event YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a couple of things:

1. WEAR YOUR SAFETY BELTS -- each and every time - including everyone in the car with you.........we want you around for Camaro5Fest XXV....

2. Drinking and driving never mix -- and when they do, it NEVER ends well....please - if you're going to enjoy alcohol, please give your keys to a friend.......

Have a SAFE Journey to and from Camaro5Fest!

Great I'll be there Friday and Sat.. I hope to meet Mark Dickens - Director of Chevrolet Performance, Also hope this is the person I can talk to about the following..

1st.. The LS3 CNC heads please offer bare or at least use springs good for .650 lift and LS9 retainers (the products are awesome but, really no one is going to run .550 lift or lower cam when you spend the money for modding.. this is something easy! what would be the down side? then the guys with stock lift cam classes and larger cam guys are happy!

2nd..They make some great crate motors for instance the LSXB15... Please offer the LSX and LS series line in a short block form no heads.. cam would be fine its cheap enough swap.
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