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Originally Posted by Silver85IrocZ View Post
Why not suspend the ZL1 as well.
arent they the same tires just different
rear size.
i wondered this earlier when i saw
this thread.
Originally Posted by Buffman View Post
ZL1 are suspended read the OP post it says it all over the info.....

Originally Posted by Milkdudd View Post
1LE's should come standard with a high quality three season performance tire, then offer the current tire as a no cost "track tire" option. Who could possibly argue with that? Now let the "you just don't get what this car is all about" tidal wave begin.
If you know it's going to come...then you know why...and I'll spare my fingers the effort of typing it out.

Perhaps if they made it easier/cheaper to purchase accessory wheels & winter tires, this might not need to occur...but the # of people willing to buy those wheels and tires for any more than a grand (which is impractical) is slim to none, I'll bet.

At the end of the day, while they might be doing this from a legal standpoint of avoiding lawsuits...they are also concerned for driver safety...and vehicle quality.

Camaro team doesn't want a car shipped that has cracked tires, or flat-spots...nor do they want people getting their high performnace car...risk not being told with the appropriate stress that these tires are dangerous in extremely cold temperatures...and wrecking their brand new cars....

Originally Posted by Trex_47e View Post
Me too..... They will either get built and ship, or get built and sit there.
I could be wrong.....but I don't think they're going to sit on any of them...the cold temps can damage the tires in extreme circumstances...If I were GM (and I'm not)...I'd put the entire car (1LE and ZL1) on an artificial constraint...causing them not to be built until the resume date...
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