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This is the guys response on our forum:

"the badge says ss. there's actually an ss badge on the rear right next to the tail lights that didn't show up in the photo. also, the two or three hash indentations in front of the rear wheel wells were funny. they emulate the ones on the original car but are totally stylistic, and very hard to see, almost a carricature

i had a good look at the interior but i didn't take any photos. i felt a little bad taking these 'cuz i chatted w/ the guy and he was really nice and i was afraid he'd get into trouble. i liked the interior a lot. it's basically a faithful, realistic, and functional translation of the show car's interior. i especially liked the quad gauges on the center console. overall, the interior looked pretty slick, not cheaply retro like the mustang's interior. it also seemed pretty snug, which i like. there seemed to be very little leg room for the back seats, which isn't that surprising. the bowtie on the front grill was a bit too big and shiny (i kinda wish it'd have the classic camaro logo/badge instead), but my impression of the car's inside and out was very positive"

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