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Originally Posted by Paperer View Post
I've never liked exhaust on any Mustang V6, unless it had all kinds of motor work, headers and all kinds of other costly upgrades. The one I found decent sounding is the Flowmaster American Thunder on a Mustang V6 4.0. They're all good at idle, but once you get in the high revs it just sounds goofy. Which is why when you see a lot of the V6 videos with new exhaust they never rev the engine.

I'm interested in seeing how the Camaro V6 would sound though.
I know what you mean. But I'm not a big fan of the Borla exhausts. But right now, with the "hot" car being our Camaro, it will be interesting to see what everybody puts out. My bet is on Flowmaster. BTW I don't work for them
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