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Originally Posted by Jayhawk500 View Post
I need some help here...

Mapquest is sending me to some road called Oravetz Rd SE. According to the satellite map this looks to be a country club on the White River. I've typed the address in as you have it on the first post and I get the above road. This is one of those WT# things... I'm sure Mapquest is FUBAR'd.

Help please!

Edit: Think I found the problem...It's Mapquest.
Wally's isn't listed in Mapquest. I had to put in the 600-699 Block of Park Ave. This takes me to the intersection in front of Wally's.

So it looks we may be staying in the Puyallup area and then driving in Buckley. Anyone know how long/far this drive would be?

By google maps it is about a 23 minutes drive from Puyallup.
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