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Originally Posted by rodimus prime View Post
I dunno man. Every time I see a new dyno I start to feel jipped by getting the l99. So about $2300 in work to get stock ls3 hp? Thats upsetting. I know it loses more power through the auto trans, but come on.
Dont feel Jipped. When you get the tune along with these mods your car will peform for sure trust me. Just because its below the Manual Car in power doesnt mean it wont be as fast or be left behind.
Automatics wont miss a shift.
Not many drivers out there can out shift todays modern automatics I dont care how good you are at driving. An automatic knows when to shift and how long to hold until its shifts. First Gear in this automatic is a 4.03.
If you want from light to light or light to finish the automatic is going to be a real winner after some miles has gone into the engine and its gets broken in.
Understand this guys said there is only 520miles on the car....its a BABY still she hasnt even opened her eyes. Give it about 5,000 miles and she will be potty trained.
The A6 is no Slushbox like the A4 was from the factory and with a Tune its a monster.
A motor tune is going to help but a Tranny tune will be day and night !
The only thing I would add to the guys car who made this thread would be a New Stall/torque converter. You can get a very sreetable stall and put that power to the pavement.
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