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Originally Posted by scythezo6 View Post
Wash the spot with some diluted dawn and water to remove the wax, rinse, clay bar the spot using car soap/water as a lube, wash the spot again with your car soap, rinse then rewax. That's what I'd do.
The wax wont remove the spot but rather cover it with a layer of wax. The spot left behind is probably a mineral deposit of some sort left behind from the poop, or from the acidity/basicity of the poop reacting with your clear coat. Claying should knock it off, unless its really reactive seagull poo that Ive heard can burn your clear coat. More extensive treatment would be needed then.
Exactly. Those more extensive measures would be something like the PC and a polish like Adam's SHR or Zaino's PC Fusion. When you clay, make sure you apply pressure and scrub at the spot. This is contradictory to what you will read on the Internet but the grade of clay that is sold to the average consumer is NOT going to damage your paint. If anything, it will merely mar the paint if you don't keep it lubricated enough but can be easily remedied with a quick pass of the PC and a scratch removing polish.

Here's a quick video of my claying process.

How to Clay

Do you have access to or own a PC-7424?
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