Thread: V6 or V8?
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V6 or V8?

Alright, I'm sure this has been asked countless times before, and we've all realized the potential of the new V6 Camaro. Here's what I want to know, will it be better for me in the long run (in the sense of doing aftermarket changes) to buy the V6 or the V8. When I say V8 I mean LS3 and V6 I mean L99. As a rule of thumb the V8 would be a natural because one would think that a high powered powertrain could only get more powerful. However, the V6 has me thinking twice. From what I've been hearing the V6 is a lot more of wide open sandbox as far as aftermarket changes go, and in the end could ultimately surpass the V8 in performance. Of course, I may just have my fact out of line, and if I do please forgive me, I'm only restating what I've been hearing through the grapevine. Thanks.
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