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Originally Posted by usnatclee View Post
Well I did it. I pulled the trigger. I now have 2 Camaros. My new car is a 2012 2SS/RS Ashen grey. I am super excited! @ChriSStina I will add your party to the first post as the next event.
Cant wait to see pics of everyone new cars!!
Wow. The Corpus group seems to have grown the last couple of months. I'll be in town this weekend doing my Navy reserve time in Corpus and looking after 2 boys while my friend is out of town... I know both they and I would love a chance to see all the great looking Camaros in Corpus.

I have a new bumper, grille, rockers and fenders that should all finally be arriving at my dealership for install today. The fenders are the only items that will need to be painted. I'm wondering if I should hold off installing these items so I can get some before and after pics near some great looking Camaros!

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