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Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
nice man! keep it up. Great car
Thanks we should grab lunch or something soon... being neighbors almost. I need to pick your brain about detailing. I can cross the lake or vice versa. Also want to talk about NOLA.

Originally Posted by Mgizzle View Post
What plastidip color did you use for your bumper and tail light bezzels? Did you do any prep work on the tail light bezzels or did you just spray over the chrome paint?

Still shocked by your dyno results, that is nuts.
I used the flat black and I wipe it down with a degreaser/ wax stripper and sprayed several coats. At some point all the plastidip will be paint. You and me both are shocked. Between the weight difference this car is about 300 or so pounds lighter than my modded vert was but has more quickness stock than the 420 to the ground vert!!

Hope to get headers on soon and have it dynoed again.
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