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Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
Like I said, then the manufacturers need to do a better job at protecting the paint from this. I can't believe people just blow these off so easy these days instead of holding someone accountable for not doing something right.

If they would protect the cars properly, they wouldn't need clay bared. You should have to do paint correction to a brand new car.
I totally agree. However, if manufacturers start using better transport methods similar what the higher-end cars use, we as consumers will have to be prepared to foot some of the related cost which will be added to price of the car or freight cost. When my SS arrived in 2009, although not very noticeable on the IOM paint, it was covered in rail rust nonetheless. I paid ADM so the dealer didn't argue when I asked for a complete professional detail (not their cheap in house wash and wax job) before I picked up it up. White cars show it really bad.
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