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Originally Posted by sb101985 View Post
Certainly I understand that with rubbing compound you can create staining, uneven spots, bun through, swirl marks, etc. on paint and vinyl as well I assume. I suppose this is why manufacturers warn against it, as you have said. I feel however, that if done properly vinyl can likely be buffed out just like pretty much any plastic. I feel pretty confident in my buffing skills, and likely I could buff the vinyl stripes without doing irreparable damage. I believe I will probably try to buff out the stripes as a last resort before replacement if I decide this bothers me enough. I have tried Meguiar's Vinyl Conditioner, and it does help, but only for a short time. Perhaps I will try Adams VRT. I have heard many good things about it on this forum. I thought about buying it before, but didn't want to spend that much money having never seen it in person.
If you try be sure to keep us posted on the results.

I get where you're coming from as far as the concept, but clear coat and vinyl are very different materials and respond very differently to abrasives. Vinyl is 'resilient' for lack of a better term so the compound isn't going to act on it in the same manner it would paint.

Again though, as I've not personally tried anything other than very fine grade polishes and stayed as close as I can to manufacture recommended procedures I can't say what might happen if you try.

Good luck with the experiment.

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