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Originally Posted by jessepang View Post
So I checked the level in the power steering resorvoir and it was at the minimum. Checked the hoses also and everything seemed routed correctly

You may need to bleed the system also.. Best way to do so is to have the car on a lift or jackstands to remove the load from the front tires. If you cannot raise the vehicle, you can do it on the ground.

1 - OPEN power steering reservoir cap.

2 - Rotate LOCK to LOCK (Left all way, to right all way) MULTIPLE times (At least 3-5 times to start with -- Then you will repeat this process multiple times thereafter).

3 - Keep checking fluid and add as necessary.

** You are basically looking for air bubbles to come up through the system, you'll see the fluid look "foamy" when the air bubbles are still present**

Sounds like this should solve the issue.
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