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Originally Posted by With envy View Post

I need to see all that! I plan to increase the glow pretty soon too.

Dying is right on the mark. We had to drive a long way to find that fabric. (Fabric stores are going the way of bookstores, hobby shops, and record stores.) We're planning on modding our seat covers. More by necessity than anything else. The green never really matched the car, and then to make matters worse, in less than a year they've faded badly. And we don't even get any sun out here! We were inspired by the guy out your way that did his door inserts in green houndstooth. (Before apparently going off the reservation and trading it in on a "Gotta-have-it-green 'stang.) She experimented with dye trying to get the right shade. I think it's pretty close. As close as we could probably hope for.
Well thanks that looks cool , the person your referring to was Scott , with the houndstooth , I met him & Wade last year at Bloomsburg Nationals Great guys . Tell her to keep going it will look amazing . We put the Cover King covers in the car Green & Black look great but the bottom passenger seat had orange dots in it looks from sun fading , they wouldn't exchange it . So just keeping them till something better comes along..
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