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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

allsteelers - I know what you mean about the winter. Terrible for so many states this year. We finally warmed up this week. I haven't seen the ground in my back yard in a few months now due to "perma-snow" lol.

My last test drive a week ago I watched the sales rep spend 20 mins with a tech trying to break up <1" of ice/snowpack around their only 1LE on the lot to get it out (was parked nose down on a down slope amongst a pack of other cars on the lot). As I was already anticipating these cars definitely cannot grip in the cold, ice, or snow. I've been talking with the "CFO" about letting me get a beater SUV for those not so camaro-friendly days so I don't have to swipe the Overland from her.

h018871 - You know, the more I look at it, there really isn't a bad color for these. They all work.
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