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Anodized Blue
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Arrow My Anodized Blue Camaro [COTW 12/24/12]


During the summer, I finally made my dream come true and bought a 2011 Black Camaro Supercharged 2SS/RS. This car is damn fast and since I am from Germany, you can have a lot of fun at the Autobahn

However, I wanted to change the look of the car quite a lot. I thought about some nice bodykits, but the lack of parking space and the small bumpy roads in Germany made me thinking twice about it. While I was at Schwabenfolia (a german car-wrapping company), I saw all these nice colors. Sandro, the owner of the company, smiled as he saw my camaro and we giggled about wrapping the car. He gave me a little piece of car-wrap and told me, this color is completely new. What I was looking at was Anodized Blue. I went out to see the color changing in the sun, it was just spectacular. It is a kind of matte metallic wrap, hard to describe. I told him to think about it and went back home.

The day after, I opened Photoshop and started working on a reference. Just plain blue would not made me satisfied. I also saw some Black Brushed wrap which looked great too and to support the strong lines of the Camaro, I wanted to have a white line too.

So from a Matte Black Camaro I found via google, I made this reference:

I mailed this to Schwabenfolia and we had a talk about it on the phone, if it is possible to do. Some of my friends had their cars wrapped in the past, so I was sure Schwabenfolia will deliver quality work.

So lets start with some pictures:

The color looks so nice in reality, itīs actually hard to photograph. I am very happy with the result and I never saw so much head-turning feedback

Here are some more pictures:

Yannik Holler and Schwabenfolia also did a professional photoshooting. Here are 2 Title Pictures from the shooting. More pictures are coming soon around christmas

So whats next? Well, it would be great to get some nice black rims one day. I thought about painting them. Other than this - I am just -->

Have a nice X-Mas!
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