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Of course an important milestone for both Ruby and her mate Red Raider was the garage build. For that I did start a garage build thread to doccument the whole process so I will just link that & post a few pics here.

Here is the view from our deck of the garage base laid out showing our heavily tatooed neighbor's mess of blackberry overgrowth we are glad to not have to look at anymore. Though 2 of our neighbors have now put up ugly Po-white-trash above ground pools we now need to figure a way to not have to look at.

We put caution tape up trying to keep the guys fron walking through the carport around the Camaros. They said they had a hard time focusing on their work due to looking at our cars.

It all came together pretty quickly but it felt like forever. We are still gradually working on the inside to staytuned to the Garage build thread too.
Here is the link:
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