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Originally Posted by TCAT View Post
The interior looks awesome man!! Great job!

The polish won't take much of that clearcoat off. It's soooooo minimal, especially if done by hand. In fact, polishing is what removes the imperfections in the surface of the paint, and makes it more uniform. It will enhance the gloss to a point where you can see in it like a mirror. It's what almost all paint job processes end with. A proper polish, then wax job is crutial to upkeeping/maintenaning a perfect paint job. Polishing is usually performed after a new clearcoat paint job is completed, and it can also be performed on your car or any clearcoated paint job only if imperfections occur (and obviously only if those imperfections can be removed). For your cars exterior paint job, polishing may only be performed once per year or sometimes much less because it's only necessary to restore the finish back to an absolute perfect and even glossy finish if it's not already. If there are no imperfections, or minimal, then a wash (sometimes even a clay bar job after washing), and wax job is all that's needed or recommended. Polishing requires that some of the clearcoat is removed to even out the whole panel or painted object, such as eliminating swirl marks, hairline non-deep scratches, etc. So, that's why you should not do it all the time. The deep gloss finish you achieve from polishing is phenominal. Polishing by hand does not achieve as good of results as a electronic buffer, but for small areas like the pieces you did in the interior, a hand polish job is more than sufficient, especially on a new paint job. Adams has some good polish, and so do many other brands that you can pick up at your local retail store. In the detailing section of camaro5, watch some of Adams videos or Junkman's. You can also look up the videos on youtube.
Thanks for the compliment, man!! Maybe sometime in the near future I'll polish/wax all the interior pieces to get that effect! That'd be awesome.

Yeah, I for sure need my car polished because of the nasty paint swirls I have. I either need a PC or someone with a PC to help me do that....but it's something high on my to do list. Thanks for the info TCAT.
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