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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
What refresh?
Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
I hear ya, its functional, but only 1 issue "it's ugly".
If GM intends for the 5th Gen to continue to sell in large volumes, there will most likely have to be a model refresh somewhere around the middle of the 5th Gens life. The goal is obviously to outsell the Mustang and with the Mustang III coming up, the 5th Gen will be a tired body style by then. It was after the S197's third year that sales began to slow down and that was mainly from an economic event. In order to remain competitive, GM will get creative with drivetrains accompanied by a mid generation refresh to keep heads turning. The only issue will be the dedicated few that have been heavily influenced by the current styling and will have a difficult time accepting any changes to the Camaro. GM should not forget that 1% of enthusiast but GM should not be held hostage by them either. We are concerned what the other 99% of potential buyers think... and I think GM needs to explore the modern approach.

I have occasionally tampered with the current 5th Gen Camaro to try and refresh the front fascia and I will tell you, it is a very difficult task. I am a fairly decent photoshop artist but trying to redesign the Camaro without destroying the original lines that GM laid down while improving the exterior is horrible. The one problem I repeatedly encountered was remodeling the headlights. As long as the headlights remained unchanged, the Camaro would keep the same original 5th Gen look. I know that most will say that there is nothing wrong with the current Camaro and, that may be true. But realize that those who agree with you are the 1% of consumers who bought the Camaro, and 99% of future buyers will not want a 2010 Camaro in 2013. In my educated opinion, (and I say educated because I have spent the last 21-22 years involved with Camaro enthusiast in one way or another) Camaro enthusiast are some of the most difficult car enthusiast to please. Every time a new generation Camaro comes out, it creates a new generation of brand elitist that eventually despises every other car made, including other Camaro's. What we need is to work on the car to formulate a Camaro that doesn't just speak to that 1%, but caters to the other 99% while improving on the areas only us... scratch that... only you, the 1% of enthusiast can identify with. That 99% of consumers are going to mainly pay attention to the exterior design because sadly, that's all they know about cars...

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