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The picture below looks like a more race oriented ZL1, although the bumper cover itself is far to slender, the design is pretty cool. Put the Jay Leno hood on this Camaro and it would have my vote.

I can see a 2013 Z28 here but I'm having trouble getting away from the current design...

Here are some interesting lower fascia work. I love the first picture below, it is simple and very functional. It is similar to the 2012 Boss 302's lower valance that shovels cool air into the radiator and has the capability to mount a brake duct kit on each side. The second pic is really just a one piece splitter but the raised fascia section around the fog light is unique. The third pic is an advanced bumper cover and front fascia with primary brake duct ports in the fascia and secondary duct ports in the lower valance. The whole design is more rounded and really creates a more sleek look to the 5th Gen. The splitter is a two piece design and is part of the fascia and is not just a bolt on. This is a very modern look and while it may look a little busy, I would like to graph the GT.R's headlight covers onto this rendition and see what we get. Also, you see the hips on the third pic look more like a fin and express much sharper lines in the rear (Corvette style). Someone mentioned earlier that GM needs to do rework the body panels to make the Camaro appear to be smaller than it actually is. This would mean tucking in some of HUGE rear end and front fascia. I was in one of these Camaro's yesterday (for research) and upon approaching the vehicle, it always astonishes me how physically big this car is. It makes my Mustang look tiny...
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