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Originally Posted by 2014v6 View Post
2014 camaro review... 2 thumbs up a pleasure to drive... no negitive comments about the taillights yet.... lol.... it looks awesome... much better in person than in pics... blue interior was a great choice with the black it goes well with the car....
I like your Avatar. Funny! It will help all the haters get used to the taillights. Maybe it eventually will ease their depression over the change. Nice car!

Also if you look carefully at the Elkins SS pic, from that somewhat low angle, the 2014 front definitely looks better than the older car. 2014 angry and ZL1ish, 2013 cartoonish, but both good looking. And no mailslot with a hood vent that will keep water off the engine. And the new DIC functions. Not a fan of the chrome strip, but easy to Plastidip. That 2014 hood looks like a fit on the 2013! I may go for that.

Almost makes me wish I had waited for the '14. But to me, it is more what a car can do than what it looks like. If there were any performance improvements, I definitely would have waited. I hope none emerge.

2014 1LE also looks great! Like an angry beast. Notice the low perspective.

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