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Z/28 options....

I wonder of there is a snowballs chance in Saudi that the brakes and suspension are options for the Z/28. I am a drag racer. No road courses near me other than a few small SCCA Auto-X events a year. I should be picking up my second 5th gen today. First was a 2SS/RS, this one is a 2SS/RS 1LE. I told my wife in December that of GM released an LS7 Camaro that could be packaged with the 1LE, I would order one. When the Z/28 was announced I told the dealership to order one as soon as they were able to do so. However, now I am having big time second thoughts.

The first thing is the suspension. It is 110% road course oriented. No question about it. For my intended use of the car that would have to be removed for something oriented for the drag strip. My second issue is the brakes. These will have to be replaced with something to allow for a drag pack.

That said, here is where I am. If I buy the car and remove the suspension and brakes I will have just thrown 15-20k out the window. Not a very feasible option when buying a car. It wouldn't make any sense. Minus those options, the Z/28 was the street legal COPO I had been dreaming about. With those options, the car is a monumental waste of money for me. That makes me very sad. Lol

What are your opinions/suggestions? We all know how capable the LS7 is on the track and how well it responds to mods. One could easily build a street able, solid 10 second NA 5th gen using the LS7. Brakes and suspension would be the limiting factors though.
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