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Sunday the 31st

I can do this, but will have to skip the breakfast, I have church at 10am. Also, I am still on for a simple shot same place on sunday afternoon (tomorrow) just for the sake of doing some shooting! So yes to both for me. Let me know if anyone else wants to do the afternoon shoot tomorrow, as well. I'll have more time to do individual cars too. So, if you want individual shots of your 'Maro, you probably want to show up to tomorrow's shoot. I'm thinking any time after lunch, say maybe 1pm tomorrow.

Next Sunday we will park all the cars on the ramp of the garage @ River Park, and do a group shot from above. That won't take long at all, if everyone shows up at, or close to the same time. I drove through the garage, up and down the ramp @ 0530 this morning....not a car is sight! So, as Ben said, the earlier the better, after the sun comes up!

I still want to do the skyline shot downtown on the Gottschalk'
spiral too. We can set a date on that sometime this spriong maybe, after daylight savings kicks in. Of all the shoots, that should be the most dramatic lighting, and scenic background. It really doesn't matter if only 2 or 3 cars show for that, as it will be the most difficult to set up and execute. More cars would be okay, I'm just saying that it ain't gonna be a quickie, so if you decide to do the downtown shot, be prepared to be there a few hours.
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