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Originally Posted by Steve Dallas View Post
Oh, and obligatory:
Nice setup Steve! What's the specs of your PC?

I also see you're running the Z5500, great system, I've had mine since 2006 connected to my 360.

I've had about 3 360's, will most likely end up buying the Halo 4 Limited Edition Console.

My first one I gave to my ex, it later RROD'd, my 2nd one I bought was the Halo 3 edition console, after few years of hard gaming, the disk drive stopped reading games, so I had to replace it with something and got my current 360, which is a Jasper system, I purchased it right before the redesign systems were released.

I also game a little on PC, however I'm a huge Halo fan, and I'm more accustomed to the 360 and a controller. Having said that, gaming on the PC is a thing of beauty, I just need to get use to the KB/Mouse combo.

Here's a picture of my beautiful PC.

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