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Fill her up! A question for Jerseyites and others at the gas pump.

For those of you who have never been to the [sarcasm]great Garden State[/sarcasm] you probably do not know that it is a state law that at a gas station, only gas station attendants are allowed to operate the pumps.

With that said, my current car has suffered plenty of gas drips and subsequently rust under the gas lid due to some attendants rushing and not caring to make sure there the nozzle is all good and done.

So now onto my question... Do you allow the attendants to fill her up, do they take extra care cause it is a nice new car, or do you insist on doing it yourself? Personally I would prefer to do it myself with my Camaro, but currently with my Accord I really could care less as she is soon to be retired anyway. Anyone have any good/bad stories related to this they would care to share?
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