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Originally Posted by Turbo99 View Post
Good to see you made a Sponsor Dave. So far the chiller is still doing its job on my car. Hopefully people will see how easy it is and how much it drops the IATs.

I will say that the data logging on my car showed around 40* drop from before I had the chiller, and the cruisng around with it on is what I like is the IATs are at 65* on a 95* day here in Florida. On a 1/4 mile run my IATs topped at around 105-115* instead of 140-160* and it takes the heatsoak issues out of the picture.
so you can run the chiller constantly w/o any ill effects, right?

I'm really looking to go this route but I want to be sure this is the type of thing that I can set it and forget it.
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