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So some of you I've talked too so you know the deal, but others do not. I've been on this site for about 6 months now.. Well today I finally made the big decision! I GOT MY FIRST CAMARO!!! I'm so excited!

Some of you may know the things I went through until I finally made up my mind Well I've wanted a camaro, but I'm young so I figured it was never even an option so I found out about the GTO, loved the goat! That wasn't really for me though. So i gave up with the whole "sports car" deal lol. So my next choice was a roadster! Looked up a few Pontiac Solstices and some Saturn Sky's.. Of course I loves those, super cute! But I wasn't ready to make the commitment lol.. (women ) So after a little searching around me and my BF (AdamZ) found an AMAZING deal on an SS, but kept looking.. We fell upon a really nice 2011 LT/RS, Instantly fell in love with the way it looked!!! So here I was stuck between a rock and a hard place lol.

FINALLY, we sat down and looked at the numbers with the bank.. I could get the loan so now I needed to find out which one I wanted I'm the type of person that NEEDS and VALUES other peoples opinion, no matter what I'm doing lol. So I talked to some on here. my BF, my mom. I just needed to hear opinions. Well looking at the numbers and talking with others I came down to the decision.... I WILL LOOK SO GOOD IN THAT V6 So after all that back and forth with my craziness I finally decided on the best car for ME I sat in that car and could still smell the new car smell, I didn't wanna leave! So now I can show everybody my super sexy v6!!!!! Still need to pick a name for this gorgeous girl!!

-black w/ silver stripes
-lowered w/ Pfadt springs and sway bars
-heritage grill
-custom emblems
-tinted windows, smoked lenses
-K&N cold air intake
-magnaflow exhaust
-hurst short throw shifter

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